We, Dear Hubby and I, are big believers in the truth. And we are big believers in answering the boys honestly. If the boys ask a question, we answer it, as age appropriately, yet honestly as we can. We don’t fob them off with some made up answer – 99% of the time.
And as any adult near a child will tell you, there is no good time for a child to throw you a curly question, there are just times that are worse than others.

For example;
Whilst on holidays, on a tropical island camping trip, Master 5 accompanies me to the camp toilet, pre coffee:

‘Mummy, if you and daddy did not marry, would I exist?’
‘Mummy, it’s weird that you sit down to pee, I stand up.’
‘If you stood to pee, would that mean your a boy?
Would that mean you would be the daddy?’
“Mummy, when you carry a baby in your tummy, where does it come out?”

FFS (Roughly translates into – For fucks sake.)

Master 8, when he was younger:
“Mummy, I have nipples like you. When will I get boobies like you? Because I like boobies.”

I am sure I am not alone in this phenomenon, and I am happy to share my experiences with others, to lessen the trauma inflicted by these pint sized inquisitors.

BTW, the answers are:
– no, not really. Or yes, but in a different looking child, with a different name, so no, not really.
– no it is not weird, it is the way girls pee.
– Not necessarily, I know of some females that can pee standing up, but I am not one of them -I end up with wee on my ankles.
– If I had a penis, then yes, I would be a or the daddy, that depends on if I loved a man or a woman..
– The birth canal. (that one shuts them up, which buys you time! – and it is true and yet not too graphic.)