Guess what!

We have moved house!
It is great – we have a back yard, and plenty of room finally to fit our life into.

It is comfortable, the decor is a little dated, but nothing spew worthy. Just enough to make googling kitchen makeovers pleasant, but not desperate.

After 2 years renting a perfectly adequate but tiny 3 bedroom townhouse, with no back yard, we are looking very comfortable in this house indeed.

But, there is a problem….

It is potentially a very big problem.

You see, when the rental contract ended, the walls and ceiling were painted. Like new again! Seemingly miles and miles of endless, blank walls beckon me to hang stuff on them – and boy can I hang some stuff – my art, my boys art, my friends art, photographs, degrees and certificates.

Sounds delightful, right?


You see, when they painted the walls, they removed and repaired all the picture hooks. The walls look brand bloody new. And clean. And perfect.

Not my walls, but you get the idea…

So, my problem, if you haven’t figured it out, is that firstly I need a stud finder – and yes, dear hubby is my very own stud, but that is not what I meant.

THEN, I need to commit. I need to decide what I want and where I want it. Then I need to mark the wall, so the original ‘stud’ can use his tools to put the picture hooks up in my preferred location.

All the commitment! All the decisions to make! Marking of our brand new walls….what if I don’t like where I have selected or want to put something else up? It is like getting brand new stationery and wanting to prolong the promise and possibilities of that beautiful blank page.

It causes me distress! I hate blank walls – I have lots of fabulous stuff to hang up and I cannot decide where I want to hang it all…

It is something that I have decided that I will ease into – I need to buy the blasted stud finder first…..