So, what to write about this week?

I have written before about how my posts happen, some I work on for a while,and schedule them to post in the future, some I work on and publish within the week. There are a few I post as I write them and there a few that write, or partially write and they never get their day in the sun. I have a couple in the pipeline but they are not quite ready for viewing yet!

This week I will tell you about the week that was.

Last weekend we celebrated Master 6 turning, well, 6 years old. There was a trampolining party, with cake, and then a BBQ that night with another cake. There was presents, and grubbiness, and cake. There was lots of love, and people coming together, probably for cake.

My boys measure a birthday party on whether there is party bags and cake. So cake rates pretty highly in our house.

James 6 cake

Then there was Jimmy.


Regular readers will know that 2 years ago, prior to the BIG move, we lost both our German Shepherds (GSDs), in succession.

Kahle and Mojo left a huge void in our hearts, that was well filled by Princess Gidget, she of the waggly butt. However we missed having a German Shepherd around, and the boys were relentless in their pressure to have another one at some point.

So, when we knew we had bought a house with a backyard, the search began. Adamant that we wanted an adult dog, and we wanted to give a home to one that needed it. All of our dogs and cats have been rescues, rehomes or adoptions.

I used sites such as and followed breed specific rescue groups on Facebook, and settled in for a long search for Just The Right Dog.

In what became a very quick turnaround, Jimmy popped up. A very long story (that I might tell later) short, Hubby and I drove a couple of hours north to meet the rescuers halfway, bringing Princess Gidget along, to meet Jimmy. So I can assure you that Jimmy comes Princess approved.

He is a monster of a GSD, but a gentle and loving heart. He has some anxiety – but we expected that, he has had some serious turmoil in just his recent history, let alone whatever happened to him before.

So, we are settling in a new dog. And we are besotted. He will soon realise that the only work we expect him to do is some obedience, and sunbathing, and table scraps eating.

Now, the next thing – this week Master 8 stepped in against a group of kids, helping another kid escape the unwanted attentions these boys were doling out. Some of these kids are his mates, and he reportedly informed them “What you are doing is assault. Let him go, or I will call the police.” or words to that effect.

Needless to say I am proud of Master 8. It is not the first time he has interceded in the playground. And there are many positives to come out of this – like learning valuable life skills, and demonstration of making good decisions, even hard decisions.

The thing I really liked was the mother of the boy who Master 8 stepped in for, followed through with coming and speaking to Master 8 and thanking him. It was great, and bookended the parenting we did in this nicely.

Growing up is tough. And you learn more at school than your ABCs.

Kids will make good and bad decisions and not every experience they have will be positive – but it is great that they are experiencing it now, so that they can be equipped better and more resilient as adults.
March is a month of birthdays – with Master 6, myself, and now the 2 dogs birthdays all in March, along with some friends and family.

So Happy Birthday!