I had a rare privilege recently.

A day off with my boys, having an adventure. We went  to Sydney, and met with the grandparents. Hubby and his dad went in one direction, and Nanny took me and the boys to see Walking  with Dinosaurs via train.

The train is still a novelty for these country kids, with their mama not much better. Thankfully there were low crowds, and we had plenty of room on the train.

Lots of conversations were had on the train, there and back. All sorts of things were discussed.

One of these conversations  on the train was on the hot topic of “did you wash yourself? Properly?  with soap?”

Some sheepish looks and hesitant answers were given back to me, making nanny laugh.

I said “if you don’t wash your bits properly, you will be stinky, and nobody likes stinky.”

Master 6 pipes up. “Yes they will mama. There is a place somewhere where you are loved if you are stinky by people who love stinky people. .”

Well there you go. Schooled by a 6 year old. Lesson learned.

But they are still expected to wash themselves properly!