I awoke one morning recently and decided to have a ‘day off’.

The boys had had a HUGE weekend, on the back of a HUGE term of school, and were still sound asleep and it was after 8 am.

So, I decided that the odd cough I heard last night whilst they slept COULD have been a cold, and it was in everyone’s best interests for the boys to be home that day.

Surprisingly it took a bit of convincing to keep Master 8 home, but the idea of pyjamas, movies and late breakfast won him over.

We had a great day of mummy time. Movies, puzzles, and chill out lounge time.  It was crappy weather which is PERFECT for stay at home activities. It was such a lovely, lovely way to maximise quality time with the boys.
No I do not condone truancy from school, or random acts of absenteeism. However, a well deserved mental health and rest day – ab-so-lutely.

These are kids that have never missed a day of school, other than when we have pulled them to go on a holiday. They aren’t in sick bay, they don’t get gastro/ fevers/ etc. that keep them home now and then. So, one day off, in case it was a cold – completely justifiable!