You know that cliché – A door closes and another one opens.

Well, I have another one – if you keep your eyes open, and your head up, the next opportunity will present itself.

I apply it often – when we moved into the new house, and started the search for a dog to adopt, I had a firm picture in my head of the type of dog we needed. I described him as the laziest version of a German Shepherd. And I knew, that despite all the beautiful dogs in my feeds and searches, that the RIGHT dog would come, and when he did, it would be easy.

And it was. Jimmy is a joy and joined our family with barely a blip. He makes Dear Hubby smile, and it is like he has always been a part of us.

15 - 1

Since leaving it all behind for The Big Move, I have been at a loss for the first time in my career.

I have always known where I was headed, what I was going to study next, what path I was on, where I was going, what I wanted to have a go at. For the first time, for over 2 years, I have been directionless.
At first I just enjoyed it, I am doing a unique nursing role, only one of its kind in Australia at this moment in time. It is  advanced enough to challenge me, and I work with some great staff. It ticks many boxes.

But I am 37 and far from ready to rest on my laurels. The lack of a game plan started to make me frustrated and resentful. However, nothing seemed to fit. A career in nursing ultimately, can diverge loosely into 3 paths, once you are past the intrinsic levels within being an Enrolled or Registered Nurse.

After that, once you have specialized, become a Clinical Nurse Specialist or equivalent, if you still want to push forward, you can go into education – teach at a university, facilitating students and placements etc, passing on your knowledge.;

You can go into Management – first line is managing a unit or department, then upwards from there.

Or the third is even further extension of your clinical skills – become a Nurse Practitioner.

I have educated – I have not taught at a uni, but I have taught medical students, taught nursing students and facilitated their clinical learning on placement. It holds great appeal for me, but positions here in ACT are hard-fought and won. And I am not convinced that I have slowed up on my learning yet either!

I have some desire to manage, but if I choose that pathway, I do not think it will be just yet. I have acted in management roles in the past, and if or when I do move into management, it would need to be the right role….

Nurse Practitioner holds some appeal, but largely, you have to specialise, and the specialties that I have an interest in, do not have a huge need for NPs, as they also have lots of doctors in them – emergency departments.

Anyway, a couple of events within the workplace and in my personal life have collided and like an epiphany, shoved me in a direction. I know where I am headed! Hilariously, I now know where I am going, and now I just have to figure out how I get there. Like many journeys, the destination won’t be reached in my next role, or the one after that, but it is nice to know which way I am sailing now…..

And, what I am hoping is that I will keep my eyes open and my head up, and see what sails into my vision.