I realised that I am out of scheduled posts, ready to go and be published. I have heaps of drafts that I am working on, none of which are ‘ready’ to be published. This could be an emergency of tremendous proportions people, one which requires stock piling of liquorice, chocolate and wine!

I routinely write ‘ahead’  – bashing out a post, and scheduling it ahead. Most of my posts are published on a Monday. I picked Monday, just because.

If the post has time specificity, I will either publish the post on the closest Monday, or as the mood strikes me. So there are rules, except when there aren’t.

I have heaps to write about, like my eldest sons birthday festival of cake and turning 9, and the enjoyment I am getting watching my hubby coach the U10s basketball team. Being without a car for 2 days whilst my car broken, or my youngest sons black eye, and my eldest sons facial grazes. The hilarity of me falling down the stairs on the weekend, including the dumbfounded looks on my sons faces as I tumbled gracelessly down the stairs.

The joy of getting back into sweating my arse off at the gym, the subsequent swollen painful knee (more than normal) that I am trying to get accustomed to or the sadness I have with being a bystander in some of my friends and family’s separate islands of grief or distress.

I also did the Million Paws walk on the weekend before  with Princess Gidget  and Jimmy the Gentle Giant. The kids and hubby joined in as well, of course. It was great fun, and all of us represented our breeds well – kids included. Gidget and Jimmy

That was in between the festival of birthdays and cakes.

I have been embracing new things and looking forward to future plans. We also have plans cooking, whether it be a renovation project (retaining wall and shed), a holiday (road trip across the Great Ocean Road), study ( when once Masters finishes, another will commence), ‘Wouldn’t it be nice if’ ( I want to get my motorbike licence/ we like to camp, should we get a camper trailer/ camper van….)

I would like some nice pot plants around the house….maybe that is something I can do next days off….
The year is whizzing by, we are busy, happy, healthy, busy, joyful and hopeful.

But I had better get cracking on some more posts for publishing, or this will be a very boring blog!