Feed me a fad.

So yesterday, working on a new post, expecting to shelve it till I could polish it for public display, I pressed ‘Publish’ instead of ‘Save Draft’.


I mean it wasn’t even a Monday (my usual posting of new blogs day)

I desperately wanted to yank it back down, because it was not completely ready yet. I had not read it over enough, and had not included references and most importantly, I had not let it settle so I could re read it with a view to make sure it’s tone was right for the piece and to make sure that the context was intact.

It was inspired by a patient I had had, on the back of some fascinating conversations I have had with a Medical Doctor friend of mine around nutritional medicine.

The context it was in was a coming together of many things.

In my very diverse social circle, it includes, amongst other things, friends, one with an profoundly autistic child and one friend with a child who suffers a significantly severe form of Coeliac. I have another friend who was significantly obese, and another with an eating disorder. I have a friend hoping to solve her child behavioural problems with diet, and another who wants to raise her cat and dogs as vegans.

Add to that my patients I come across with the latest Google trends and I am conflicted. I only give advice when asked, and when asked I only give advice that I can back up.

I dislike ANY conversation that is one sided, or unable to be defended with facts, science, actual correlation.

I love exploring new ideas and I love changing my advice to include new science. I am skeptical of anything that I am ‘told’ especially if it is from a viewpoint where there is no conversation.

So, my post yesterday was exploring that, and I was hoping to include stuff I have found about nutritional medicine, and in the context of holistic healthcare.

I have no idea if I hit my mark with my barely born blog post, but it’s out there, and there is no taking it back. At least,I have the comfort of knowing that what I write is honest. No matter what.  So I hope it triggers conversation, and I hope it triggers people to look at their healthcare and take responsibility for it and look at the multi factorial causes for illness, upset and imbalance in their lives.

Including food.

Now I am off to take my glucosamine and slow release paracetamol for my chronic knee pain, before doing my physio. 😉

Stay balanced people, stay skeptically informed and practice conversation.