So my darling readers, and believe me I have quite an affection for you as I know many of you in real life as well. It still blows my mind that what I started as an exercise for me, is read by other people, sometimes regularly. How very humbling and awesome is that!

My dear readers, I am going on a family holiday – we are packing our boys up, hooking up a camper van and going for a tour – a regular road trip!
We are going with very dear friends of ours. The sort of friends who we rarely speak on the phone or via Facebook, who live a couple of states away in the middle of abso-fucking-lutely nowhere.

The sort of friends who we would never see normally except in a once in 10 year trip, or family tragedy. They are exactly the sort of friends I love to holiday with – no fuss and no hassle. My DH and Mr B were work colleagues and have been mates forever, and we are to each others family a piece of extended family.
They are the sort of friends that do not need a lot of maintenance, they know we love them, and vice versa. We would both drop everything and go to assist if a Bat signal went up like a flare.

Indeed, I rang/ Facebooked Mrs B a year or so ago and said, “Hey, we wanna go on a holiday. Wanna come?”

And she said “Hell Yeah.”

I said “Great!. Was thinking about New Zealand – can you organise it?” And She said ” Leave it with me”

Now, over a year later, our NZ trip had to be postponed due to circumstances outside our control, but we are doing an Australian Road Trip. And Mrs B has done the  itinerary, researched packages, deals and events. She has prebooked things, done comparisons of deals that Choice would be proud of and they have already left their town and are on their way to us.

The friendship we have is one of those easy ones. It is secure, and does not need reassurance, reinforcement, and it is resilient. Sometimes we forget birthdays ( since I often forget my own, there is no guarantee that I will remember anyone elses!) and without Facebook, the contact would be even less, but it is friendship that can withstand that, even in the olden days.

It is not one that requires daily watering.

So, The posts may be a bit less frequent, as I was unable to line up a guest blogger. But there will be stories to tell when I return I guarantee. After all, 2 families on the road, with 4wd and campervans – what could possibly be boring about that!
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If you ever wanted to try and blog, now is the time to flick me a post and we will put it up and see what you think!