Those who know me personally know I enjoy the occasional coffee.

Maybe even more than the occasional coffee, maybe a great deal of coffee, so much so i have put an arbitrary limit on my daily consumption……….. but I am here to make a confession.

(Big Breath) I hate cappuccinos.

I have been trying for years to hide my shame, and force myself to like them, to be hip and cool, but I can’t live this lie any longer.

I guess I need to be specific. I hate the frothy, lukewarm milk crap on top of the cappuccino. It drives me insane, with its tempting promises of deliciousness, only to be tepid, bland and in the road of the real rock star – the coffee.

I have a Nespresso at home, and I refuse to use the  evil device on the left, if i am using my milk warmer.

I only use the right hand side device, which warms and stirs the milk, with no frothy silliness.

At work, I merely heat milk up in a cup before pouring it into my  Kathmandu travel mug, where I could not see the froth, even if I wanted it despoiling my coffee.

One just like this one – with a lid and everything.

Now, I hear you cry and scream – “the coffee art” and “Its trendy” and “Just how uncool are you?”
Well it might be trendy, but I have never been on trend – ask….well anyone who knows me.

I may as well take this opportunity to admit that I also enjoy a plain Nescafe Blend 43 coffee, with milk, no sugar…………………………….

There I said it!

Yes, I like instant coffee and will prefer it over a Nespresso/home coffee machine brewed cup. To me it is a similar but different beverage to brewed coffee and is enjoyed on its own merit.

And whilst we are on the subject, I like my coffee hot. Not lukewarm, half congealed and tepid. Hot. I want to be unsure if my first sip will be ambrosia, or scald my tongue.

My preferred coffee – Flat White, extra hot.
My follow-up favourite – Latte, extra hot.

There,  have confessed, I feel lighter, cleansed and renewed. And now you know.