So, on our holiday we got to spend time with some of our favorite people – Mr and Mrs B and the B kidlets.
B Kidlet #1 is a little 5-year-old girl who is growing up in a red dirt town of a couple of hundred people. She tells me she is a Princess, but she also rides horses and motorbikes and plays in mud and has farm animals and stuff. She rocks.
She will tell me “I miss you’ when I have gone to the toilet. And ” I love you the best’ when she has just gotten off DH lap and told him the exact same thing.

B kidlet #2 is 3 years of age. He is head strong and active. He will not give in easily, even though every day, every time I saw him, I would say “I love you.” He did not reply till near the end of the holiday, “I love you too.”
He is all but a little cowboy and has a life full of adventure to unpack, its plain to see.

Both kids love the Masters 9 & 6 and will play with them all day.

It was the end of one our days on the road. Mrs B (the Mama B) informed B Kidlet # 1& 2 that it was time for bed.

A  little while later she informed them again. They were in bed, but mucking around.
Apparently Mrs B then says, “I do not care what you guys are doing, you will roll over and go to sleep, or, so help me god, I will come and there and flog you with stringy spaghetti.” Or words to that effect.

B kidlet #2 states, in a clear 3-year-old voice “Well, that is bullshit!.”

I am still laughing about it!
Parenting marathon indeed.