So our big holiday was a blast. 2 families, 2 4WDs and 2 Camper/ caravans and many miles to cover. We started off at Phillip Island, where we got to sit on the beach at dusk and watch the Little Penguins come out of the ocean, and then we walked a boardwalk, watching the critters waddle to the dens – some of them are 2 km inland!!

We also traveled over sea to see the Seal Colony. The weather was atrocious and 2/3 of the boat were sick and vomiting (including me – no seafaring Pirate am I), but it was a fabulous experience. The pups were frolicking all around the boat whilst the adults lazed about or had a blue in the background and it was just amazing, truly amazing to watch.

Next stop was Melbourne. We punched in the address of our destination into the Satellite Navigation System, and set off. We should have been able to choose the ” We are towing vans behind us, so perhaps can we avoid main streets, Tram lines and the CBD of Melbourne.” Since we did not choose that option, our convoy of vehicles drove up the guts of inner city Melbourne, and down Lygon Street. A city full of the most amazing and diverse people, and it is our convoy that is turning heads….oops. Melbourne was fabulous and we have put it on the list of places to visit again. An AFL game – those Melbournians are mad, by the way, the Zoo – we love a good zoo visit, and Mrs B and I went to play Bingo. In a Bingo Hall, that is only set up for Bingo. Yes, there is such a thing. We parked our car with hundreds of other cars, and walked into the Bingo reception desk. We tentatively said “We would like to play bingo please, how much to play?” We were given bingo books, bingo flyers and advised to go to the cafeteria around the corner that feeds the Bingo players, to get a Dabber.

And then we played Bingo. And boy is it a serious game – it was intense and relentless- they call the numbers constantly and stop for no man or woman, unless that man or woman has called Bingo. Dabbers get dabbed, tables are thumped when ‘Bingo” is called, there is NO leaving for the toilet unless it is in a designated break! Holy shit!

Then we started our Great Ocean Road tour – have you seen the 12 Apostles?

Have you driven The Great Ocean Road?

If not, put it on your list of things-to-do right now. Now.
It was truly mesmerising – we were at the base of Australia in some record breaking bad weather, and these gigantic rock sculptures were showing their every mood.

Wow! We would happily go back and spend more time exploring down there.

Then it was time to push back home, before taking the Queenslanders to the snow for their first experience skiing.

We did more kilometres than the first explorers did, and we had absolutely terrible weather, making me spend over $150 in using camping ground dryers.
We were invaded by a tame ferret, we met a turtle, saw a daylight robbery and we learnt some history and rechristened the Ute as ‘The Adventure Truck.’

We unplugged, recharged and spent some fabulous time together, making stories that we will retell and laugh about. And that, right there, is what makes a great holiday!