I would like to register my dismay and frustration at being with a bulls roar of 40 years old, and concurrently suffering from pimples, wrinkles, freckles and what I think is a sun spot on my face.
I think it is extremely unfair and for a completely inept beauty/skin care regime operator like myself, frankly, untenable.
In fact I demand a refund.

How i try not to look when I am colouring my face in for a special occasion.

Not only am I damn near middle aged and still don’t know how to put make up on, I have pimples which get worse every month, and fine lines etc to bloody look at and wonder how they got there.

For fucks sake, isn’t there a manual for people like me?

Just look at how smug she is!

I mean, I don’t know how to do my hair, but most of the time that’s easily avoided as my profession demands it is pulled back.

But make up and skin care? Bloody hell!
I have been consciously exploring the idea of the visible signs of aging and whilst I fantasise momentarily about plastic surgery or botox or really expensive face creams and stuff…..I think I will minimise any intervention and see where the road takes me. Aging doesn’t scare me, certainly not like living with regret does. I am much more scared of living unhealthily – in mind, body and soul.
So I am switching my skin care up – will try to be much better about applying daily sunscreen. I moisturise like a fanatic anyway, and I clean my skin thoroughly as well, even though I rarely wear make up.
So, I guess for now, I will be a 37 year old with fine lines, pimples, freckles, a sunspot and really well moisturised skin!