A while ago I bought a bag of daffodil bulbs, on impulse. I parked them next to the front door of our new house (remember we moved in earlier in the year) and  then promptly looked at them every time I walked past, thinking ” I should plant those some time….where will I plant them…… how do I plant them?”

As a result, I never planted them.
But DH did. He did it one afternoon when I was at work, and then crossed his fingers.

 Little shoots shot up in my winter garden, which looked all sad and hibernating.

Then little bud things and then a flower!!

I now have a few flowers and they are budding and shooting and doing all thing plant like in spectacular fashion.

And they never fail to make me smile.

I love daffodils, and sun flowers and tulips. Daffys make me smile, and even more so when they are in my garden, AND they were planted for me by DH. What a gift!