My son has been throwing his lunches away at school.

It now makes perfect sense why we have seen the rise of the HANGRY beast before dinner some times and why he eats enough food in the afternoons to start my own cafe.

Master 9 hates bread. Has always hated it and when we was littler, he would agree to eat sandwiches but only meat and sauce and never the crust and only the bits that had meat and sauce in them.
Then he decided he did not like meat and sauce, just salami. And could he have the crusts cut off? So I backed away from my “I never cut crusts off’ stance, and agreed to cut crusts off. Hell, at least he would be eating these sandwiches.

Except he isn’t. Most days they go holus bolus in the bin.

He doesn’t even pick the meat off…

He was caught out when he was asked by DH if he enjoyed his school lunch this day.
“Yes, I did dad.”

ANd then he was asked what he had on his sandwich.

“Salami, dad.”

DH checked with me, the days maker of lunches for that particular day – I said I used the last of the shaved ham……..


And he also hates wraps and barely likes any of the stuff you would make a sandwich or a wrap out of anyway….
So, we are back to square one.

In the mean time, while we figure something out, he will be having sandwiches and I have asked that, if he does not ea t them, could he bring them home and hand them back please – at least the dogs will eat them.