So busy, so very busy.

Well at least that must be what it looks like to everyone else around me – after all I work full-time in one job, shift work no less.

I work in a couple of other roles, I study, I volunteer and I have 2 little boys and a husband. Who also works full-time in one role, on call for another, is studying, volunteers, and has 2 little boys and a wife.

Busy, busy, busy. And I have had a number of people comment to me about it.

Busy it may be, but stressful it is not.

And there is a big difference in that definition.

Busy and stress do not necessarily go hand in hand. And I have been busier than I am right now, and more stressed too. Not necessarily in direct correlation, but nonetheless.

For me and my husband, full-time work is a normal, a minimum base level of work. And as a team, we ‘work to live, not live to work.’ And as a team, we do what needs to get done around the house or with the kids, as it is a team sport, this ‘living and adulting and parenting’ thing, not an individual event.

I know for some people, my current level of busy would be unsustainable for them. That is not a failing, just a different tolerance level I guess. Certainly they would have obligations in their life that I would find unsustainable too.

So we work our butts off, so that when we are on time off, we can do stuff, go places with the kids, let them play sports.

It does make it hard for those things that fall on spectrum of priorities below work, kids, partners, sleep. But there is no conflict when things are put in order.

I often fantasise about having more time for drawing, art, reading etc, but in reality, I am happy with life. And mostly, I am happy with my work/ life balance – In fact I have never been more content. Certainly this was not always the case, and I had a great deal of resentment of myself and my obligations to let go. Sure, I would love more disposable income, less knee pain, a different coloured kitchen, but that is just superficial stuff. I am completely content with the give and take we currently have, and there is little I would change