Have you heard of the saying – “you cannot polish a turd”?
I love it, and many other slightly and more than slightly crude sayings.

But, “you can’t polish a turd” is awesome – just think about it in all of its glory….

Pick up a turd.

Examine it, appreciating its turd like features. The smell, the texture, is it still warm? Lumpy? The colour and weight.

Now, think to yourself, “Man, but I need to make this look better than it really is.”

Grab yourself whatever polishing paraphernalia you prefer and set to work.

It is a lesson in futility. And in honesty. Because if you were honest with yourself when you selected your turd, you would be satisfied that it is indeed a turd, and nothing short of  rolling it in glitter will improve it from its current state.

Sometimes a situation is what it is, and nothing short of rolling it in glitter will improve it. It will still be a turd, just one that has glitter on it now.

In life, with every single situation you find yourself in, you have 2 choices, accept the turd for what it is or roll it in glitter.
Life lessons don’t come any more brutal than that!