I have many personal friends and family who read my blog – ain’t that bloody awesome!

And I often write about stuff I have experienced or am thinking about or about situations I find myself in.

I always de identify my posts as much as required by the innocent or guilty parties. I mean, everyone knows it is me that I write about and my kids and my husband, but when it gets to friends and family I don’t just blur the lines or refer to people by gender. I will often go so far to de identify people as to be obsessive.

I even will change genders, ages, description and the situation itself, if needed to provide me and my friends and family with some privacy and dignity. Friends are described as family, family as a friend, boys as girls, historical events as recent ones.

I have even been known to combine more than one persons traits into a story that is seemingly about only one person. Got it? Bloody brilliant, aren’t I?!

Despite all this, I regularly have people come and ask me if the latest blog post was about them. Which means that I have others who don’t come and ask me, but reckon it is about them too.

I am always coy, because, as I said, I want everyone to enjoy reading my blog, not feel persecuted or set upon.

The thing to remember is, that everyday interactions are food for my posts, and yes, sometimes there may be a bit of you in part of my blog post, but unless I supply thorough, indisputable evidence that I am writing about you, you alone and only you, then you can identify with my characters all you like, but I will never tell. Because it probably is not all about you!

I do love my diverse plants in my garden though – makes for some fun writing and reading!

And I love that the people in my life are so damn interesting!