Hey there my readers.
Would you believe that recently I went out to dinner with a group of people and there were 3 people at the table who read my blog!!
Oh. My. God. I felt like Adele or something, and got a sudden insight into what fame is like.
I tell you, it was hectic!
Seriously, like, real adult people, who have jobs, and lives, and kids and husbands and stuff, read my blog…..
And they said they liked it! Now I am going to tell you that part of me screams – “THEY ARE ONLY TELLING YOU THAT TO BE POLITE!”
But the other part, the part I am working on daily, is so unbelievably flattered that I am still blushing!

Now, what has any of that got to do with Rocky Road?
You see, a couple of them got to talking about my  Rocky Road recipe Domestic Olympics – Rocky Road, and we discussed this and that whilst drinking some truly terrible wine.
And I had recently upped my game, as a family member had challenged me to make MOULDED ROCKY ROAD – Rocky Road Christmas Trees. And then a colleague suggested rocky road cupcakes….
Oh my chocolatey goodness.

So I have done it – and I am using my new superpowers to make these delectable things into presents…..

So it is time for an update people.

This will change your life.

The recipe stays the same. Unless you want to change it. Then do that.

However, before making the yummy, get some cone shaped moulds by folding cardboard into a cone shape and then line with baking paper.

I have also found success by using plastic to do the same thing.  Get something to hold them in too – the cones will be quite heavy and will topple over and then you will have a chocolate tsunami.

The cupcakes work really well as well, in fact, I am most pleased with these, as my little monsters munchkins will eat all the rocky road if I even blink but the cupcakes slow them down by rationing them out a bit….



Merry Christmas my dear readers. May you have kindness and peace.

If you are working over Christmas, like I am, I hope you have chocolate, nice customers/ patients/ clients and someone lets you have a wine at some point. I cherish all of you in a not soppy, but kind of connected way, and I hope you have someone or something to wish Merry Christmas to on the 25th December. If not, wish me that then.


See you in 2016.

Not Gidget – she ate the Santa hat I put on her.