I didn’t get the Christmas bug this year. I normally do. I simply love the season and will eventually get swamped in the feeling of the season, but this year, for many reasons that I won’t specifically  go into here, I didn’t get the feeling.

I think it is because there wasn’t a chance to get the feeling – that magic of Christmas tends to sneak in when there is an opening, a way in, a welcome.

This year I had snippets, but I do not think I surrendered. I was sick, I was working lost of shifts straight, I had all kinds of stressors, all sipping bits of my reserve or resilience and feeding off my energy. So to surrender was one step too far I think. 

But my munchkins enjoyed themselves and are now heading up the coast with their dad, whilst I stay here and work. I will join them in a week. And we will spend a fortnight on a very large sand island, and this is where I will surrender.

In the meantime, I will also get my house and animals back into order, ready for house sitters to come. And plan for 2016. 

I have plans for 2016, some of which, Dear Reader, you will get to be a part of, when the time is right.

And I have a hopefulness for the New Year , as I am wont  to be an optimist, so I look at brand new stationary and a brand new year on the same light……hopeful and excited. 

2015 was a good year by our standards, we certainly have had some rough years in or past, and will have them again.

This last year was one of lessons, relationships – strengthening some, letting some go. Saying Yes to things that matter the most, and no to things that are trivial but deceptive.

I feel more centred and more authentic. I feel that that is a great place to start from for the new year…

Happy New Year my readers…. Don’t set resolutions, set goals and set standards. Give your self minimum benchmarks you will achieve and incremental steps to being a more sincere and authentic version of yourself.

Let resentment go, work on forgiveness and start that with yourself…

Say no to people or things that do not make you happy, and accept your friends or family for who they are and what they have to offer, instead of what you want them to be. If , when you have done this, they do not fulfill you, then let them go. Make room for someone or something else. 

But always, if in doubt, be kind.