She exits the lake, feeling clean and refreshed. The battle is over. This one at least. There will be another battle. There is always another battle, but for the moment she is a lull in the battles.

The wounds were there, some crusted over, others nearly healed. Interesting scars they will become.

She looks at her belongings, her treasures and her tools. She gathers them and starts the final leg, nearly home.

Home is where her heart belongs, home is where she belongs. Home is where she is not defined by other people, home is where she defines herself. Home is where she rests her soul, rejuvenates her heart, gathers her strength. Home and what it contains and represents is what drives her out each and every time to battle.

Battling for battles sake is a bullshit enterprise. Battling to prevent that mad dog of chaos from entering your home, that is what it is all about.

Battling now, so that others won’t have to. Battling now because others cannot and battling now because it’so the right thing to do.
But now, it’s rest. Recovery. Reflection and refocus.

It’s peace, in a way.

She opens the door, drops her kit and heads to the kitchen…there will be coffee on the stove and something to eat on the bench. And that will be enough to start with.