Christmas and New Year were a blur for me. It was a huge end to a big year. 

I was sick, with a crappy virus for the entire period. I had family visiting over the time as well, and I worked back to back long stretches of shifts, right up till I flew out to meet the boys on holiday. 

It took me days to mentally be on holiday and then, in a flash it felt like it was over. 

Nonetheless it was a great holiday. Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world, a national park, has the most divine freshwater lakes and creeks, and some of the mist beautiful  rainforest I’ve ever seen. 

It has an interesting history of indigenous people, then logging, then preservation. It’s indigenous name is K’gari (pronounced Gurrie) and there is every type of habitat you can think of. 

There are resorts, rental houses, and camping option from powered sites fenced off from dingoes, to unpowered beach sites, behind the dunes. 

4WD is the best mode of transport but you have to dodge planes landing on the beach!

I could go on and on about this island and the things to do, see and try but it isn’t a sponsored post! 
Mostly we explore. And swim. And drive. And eat. 

For my family it’s a good holiday to unplug. Limited reception on the island means, unless you drive into one of the villages with reception, you are cut off. 

We have our share of adventures too. 

Dingo spotting us always a big deal. Gorgeous, wild animals that it’s iur responsibility to strive to protect. 


Helping bogged drivers as we trek across the island. We were also first on the scene to a car rollover (it happened directly in front of us!) and DH managed the rolled vehicle, I dealt with the occupants (no serious injuries). 

Going fishing in surf, creeks, inlets.   

The approach to Lake Mckenzizie. This lake is filled with rain only.

Finding new places we haven’t been to before. 

We did the simple things –

Played UNO every night. Played beach cricket every afternoon, sometimes just us, sometimes the whole campsite. 

Ate camp food, which when you travel with a chef, still means good dining! 

We drove north, found a deserted area, set up shade and chairs, and read books, fished, sat and chatted. 

Western side of Fraser

There were days we did seemingly little activity and days we walked and swam and climbed.  

Indian Head
Creek at Central Station
Lets go exploring
Mostly, we talked, and connected again with each other. No one else competing for our time, nowhere else to be. And except for the tides, no clock. 

It was most definitely much needed and sets our little family up well for the coming year, as we dive back into our schedule.