Tonight I ratted through my kitchen cupboards for some things.

I can cook. I can bake. But I’m neither a cook or a baker. So, I ratted through my cupboards for stuff I needed. Or, more specifically, stuff that would suffice.

I’m used to having the tools I want specific to the task I want them to perform, but I’m not a cook. Therefore, I do not have specific tools for baking or cooking, but more multipurpose stuff. I do not have a blender or other processing style stuff, but I make do!

I tried a homemade cheese at a dear friends house when I was visiting my hometown.

Now she IS a cook. I’ve never been disappointed with anything she serves, and have always been impressed when we dine there.

So she gave me a taste of this yummy cheese and I loved it, and politely asked how hard it was to make.

She enthusiastically sent me the recipe via text, either having no or complete faith in me. If I asked her, she’d say ‘complete faith’ but I reckon she had no expectations of me even looking at the recipe again. Let alone having a go at it.

Well, I was intrigued, so I checked the recipe on the long drive home and got all inspired.

Then I went to the shops.

Got the stuff.

Googled some advice on straining things.

Then I got brave!

Displaying IMG_3859.JPGLabne

So. In my fridge went a bowl. With a colander in it. And a Chux in the colander. (According to Google you can use a Chux instead of Muslin, which I don’t have).

In the Chux is 1kg of Natural Greek Yoghurt with salt added. Then it needed to be left alone in a cool dark place ( a fridge?) to strain for up to 24 hours or until firm.

I like to be alone to strain too, so I understand.

Then I sprinkled oregano everywhere, and rolled bits of the yumminess in it, then plopped them into the jar – with olive oil, peppercorns and thyme.


Looks just like the real one, and tastes wonderful!

I am now thinking about different combinations of herbs and marinade to use….mmmmmm