Now, I want no smug looks or rolled eyes or whispered snide remarks from you lot.

But holidays are great things. For rest, relaxation or adventure, and reshuffling of ideas, views, perspectives…

I left on holidays fairly threadbare. And although I don’t think I had a break that was long enough but it was enough to shake me up out of my rut a bit.

Anyway, I’m noticing that I’m trying new things. I’m the remembering that there’s lots of things that I like to do but rarely have time, funnily enough!
So I made cheese. Labne. It was fun and fairly easy. I impressed the shit out of myself.

Today I made a smoothie. Big deal right?

Well it was. I have no kitchen utensils really.

This is the only blender thing I have:

But I figured I could make do.

And I did. I found another thing that I thought might work.

And it’s yummy!

I’ve  never had a smoothie. Really!

But DH has had gut issues the last 12 months and maybe he can eat smoothies or something else easily without making it all too hard.

Will I be making kale smoothies? Hell no.

But it’s something new.

And this year feels full of possibilities. Hopefully it’s also a smooth year too