Recently when we were on holiday, not only were we holidaying with friends, but other friends happened to be on the same island holidaying as well!

So we met up and we hijacked their holiday, dragging them around the island with us.

Our two older boys play basketball together and wanted to sit in the same car as each other, so I took their Master 8 in our car with Masters 9 and 6.

We were driving to Sandy Cape which is at the northern aspect of the island, and we reached a pinch point, a one way passage across rocks called Ngkala Rocks.

Someone was bogged, and there was traffic backing up. So the men got out and helped unbog the unfortunate car, and then returned to their vehicles. One set of mates was now on the other side of the rocks and out of view. We were next to drive north, and our other mates were behind us.

There was a queue of drivers needing to come south, now that the bottle neck was unplugged. So we sat in our truck, yakking to the 3 boys in the back seat whilst we waited our turn to go through.

In seemingly slow motion, a vehicle came through – he had carried the momentum he used to get through the sand onto the rock portion of the crossing and it all went wrong in front of us.

We watched the car go into a low speed rollover and land on its side. The adrenaline kicked in as we watched it all unfold.

I don’t recall how DH and I ended up as first responders, but the people we were travelling with filled it in.

Outside the Car:

Our mates behind us saw both doors on our truck open simultaneously and DH and I run for the vehicle. DH is fire and rescue trained and I, well, I am an emergency nurse, so we took control of the situation.

The story of the rollover is perhaps better for another time  – but for now, rest assured that all the occupants seemed perfectly OK when we were done with them.

What happened in between the rollover and us getting back in the truck is all about the kids.

Inside the Car:

As we exited the truck, I recall telling the boys to ‘Stay in the truck.”

That is all.

After the excitement, we got back in the truck, with the kids and carried on with our day.


Since the holiday, we have caught up with our friends – the parents of Master 8. They had a magnificent holiday – theme parks, beach, Fraser Island, seeing dingoes and swimming and exploring. Every day their Facebook showed them doing something fun and exciting.

On their way home from the island they stopped to see the kids grandparents. As polite and well bred grandparents are wont to do, they asked their beloved grandson what exciting things he did on his holiday.

Master 8 responded with:
” There was a car accident, a rollover in front of us, and my friends mum said Fuck.”