Tonight my eldest stopped believing in Santa.

 Today he is as close as he has ever been to being able to move out of home (you can’t move out of home whilst you still believe Santa is real, right?) 

In actuality, he probably hadn’t believed for a while but he WANTED to believe. 

Tonight he slipped at dinner (with friends over and their littler ones at the table!! 😳) that he ‘knew Santa wasn’t real’

We covered it over at the time and I think we got away with it. Then when our guests left, we had a chat with out eldest. 

There were tears from our eldest as he realized that we bought all the presents. ‘But how did you get all the excellent things?’ 

There were tears from mummy as she realized that her boy just took another step to adulthood. An expected step but unwelcome nonetheless. 

A new deal has been struck. One that says ‘you need to believe to receive.’ And ‘ please don’t ruin it for your brother.’ 


My heart is a little broken. And we haven’t covered Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy yet.