Recently I have been listening to podcasts whilst driving to and from work. I previously listened to the radio. And then more recently, just my iPod. But I realised that I could use the time better, and started looking into podcasts.

I am very new to the idea of podcasts. But they intrigue me.

So I have been listening to a few podcasts as I tentatively dip my toes into this new world.

TED talks are an obvious start for me, I am a big fan of TED Talks – listening and watching and learning from people in specialist areas, or different interests. So their podcast are a safe and intuitive option for me to start. I enjoyed listening to Jane Fonda and Lily Allen be interviewed on friendship, feminism and changing the world.

And I am scientist at heart and a natural geek. So i searched for some of my favorite people and interests and I stumbled across Neil DeGrasse Tysons StarTalk – which is awesome. And then I listened to one where Neil interviews Professor Brian Cox – another absolute favourite. And in this podcast, they discuss, amongst other things wormholes, which leads to time travel, which led to causality, and that then led to free will.

It was fabulous and I have saved it so I can listen again sometimes and explore the conjectures and concepts that they discuss. You do not think that a physicist and an astrophysicist talking about science would be relatable to an untrained person, but when they are discussing lightsabres and the levels of light energy required to make a lightsabre actually work makes thermodynamics understandable.

And when they discuss time-space and then link in the philosophy of free will – so, the concept that causality is almost mapped out, so despite the subjective feeling of choice, the scientific conjecture is that on the macro level, events are preordained which negates free will, but because subjectively on the micro levels, individuals feel free, then they act in a manner that invokes free will.
i think I have paraphrased it badly, but I will re listen to it some time and elaborate.

So, This is me diving into podcasts….do you listen? Do you have any to suggest?