So I hurt my leg recently. No, not my knee. My Gastrocnemius to be accurate. You might call it your calf muscle. I stepped off and heard and felt a POP. Then my leg did not want to weight bear so well.

So, in the initial phase, I am on 3 days sick leave and forced rest.

Which brings me to realise that there is something I suck at.


3 days off, with a rostered day off following. 4 days off. and very little scheduled across it.

I have my project to work on and I was excited about that. But it was halfway through the days off that I realised I had a unique opportunity.

One that in my inexperience I had no idea how to best utilise.

Then it dawned on me.

Netflix…….I can binge. Like I see on Facebook or the TV shows.

So, I have started watching Orange is the New Black.

I know, I am so far behind the times, its laughable.