You may recall I have just blogged about my new and burgeoning passion for podcasts? I have really been enjoying it, and sometimes I wish I wasn’t driving because they mention something that I want to write down or look up! I often laugh out loud – like for real, and smile along as something is being explained.

Currently I am filling my appetite of science podcasts and having a blast.

I was listening to the Skeptics Guide to the Universe recently, and they interviewed one of my favourite people Yvette d’Entremont, aka The SciBabe.

She was talking about how she shot to fame with a piece she wrote about the Food Babe – Vani Hari who, frankly, is a dickhead. and she said that she had been writing for ages, but it was enjoyable for her, but did not resonate with a wider audience, and then she wrote this piece, in her particular style of fact, profanity and humour. Her style had not changed, but her core theme did. And now she is writing constantly – about sciencey stuff… And her stuff is not for everyone – some people just do not like to science with humour and swear words. And some people love to science that way. But she realises her writing is not for everyone, but she is still writing. And now she is writing more science.

I loved it. I loved her entire reason for being who she was  – which is simply – who else would she be?

What has this to do with my blog? I realised that I had dipped a toe into some sciencey/ health based blogs here  and  here , and received super positive responses and feedback, but had not gone further with it. I have some in draft, but not published and the ones in draft are gathering  dust.

The reasons for not carrying on with it are many, but the result is the same.

So, I am going to write more health/ science based posts. Both what interests me, and what I think you should know.

Of course, if you have anything you want me to discourse upon, well, flick me a comment or a suggestion – I love the feedback and responses.