I have some wonderful friends, I have written about them before.
My friends cover almost all walks of life, and come in many beautiful shapes and colours.
They are male, female, parents, single, multilingual, born and bred Aussie, immigrants, naturalised Australians , educated or unemployed.
Each and everyone of them is a dynamic piece of my life that enhances and reflects light to me.
Some I come away feeling rested, energised, awestruck, grateful, or comforted.
Others teach me, often unwittingly, other teach me generously.

I often talk about my different circles, especially when they collide, which used to cause me stress. Now it no longer does.
Maybe I’ve matured and expect that my diverse friends will find the common ground = me?!
Maybe it’s because their diversity brings me joy.
My wonderful friend, be it my colleague who I have coffee with, my Neighbour who has water fights with my boys, my GF who is understanding of my shift work and doesn’t NEED to see me regularly, or my distant friends who we see annually if we are lucky.
My friends who do it the same as me, differently to me, or not at all.
Thank you for being part of my life, whether for a season, a reason or a lifetime. Even those friends who have come and gone, and whose orbits no longer overlap mine – thank you.