You know one of my pet peeves? People who say that they cannot swallow tablets!

If you can swallow food – Doritos, hamburgers, grapes, anything with a consistency greater than slop, you can swallow tablets.

Physically you are completely capable of swallowing tablets.

Its psychologically that you are tripping over.

I get adults – ADULTS! – who say “oh I cannot swallow tablets”


Why do you even need to swallow tablets?

  • Well, to ensure you get the accurate dosage of the medicine for starters.
  • Because it is cheaper to buy paracetamol tabs  from the Supermarket – around $1 then a bottle of syrup from the chemist – approx $18.
  • Because some medicines do not come in a liquid form. They do come in a form that can go up your bottom though, or as a needle if you want the alternatives.
  • Because you are not a baby.

I mean, I have taught 3 year olds to swallow tablets….

So, to learn how to swallow tablets, here is what you do:

  1. Buy some M&Ms or similar style lollies.
  2. Get yourself a glass or milk, water, juice or demons blood. Whatever fluid you desire.
  3. Place Lolly in your mouth as you would expect.
  4. Forget about your lolly, and swallow the fluids like you are drinking because you are thirsty.
  5. Tablet should disappear.

How this works:
When you try and swallow a tablet normally, it gets stuck because your tongue is doing the wrong movement

This is because, when you swallow food, its is all chewed up and mushy, so it slides on down. Tablets are not mushy.

When you swallow a fluid, your tongue moves differently, swooshing the fluid down your throat.

So swallow the fluid, not the M&M. Or the tablet – whatever.

Just swallow the fluid and it will swoosh the tablet down.



I promise.

Common sense disclaimer:

I take no responsibility for application of any of these tips. This is generalised advice and does NOT take the place of an assessment performed by a health care professional.