A year on and it has only become more meaningful.

scraps from a bemused mind.

My little man is about to become Master 9. Only 9, still barely a boy.

And I have beenbusy getting prepared for birthday parties and cakes, and RSVPs and helping some troubled friends out and working and having a broken car and you know, life.
During this I overheard a conversation between Dear Hubby and his mum talking about the upcoming birthday and so on.

DH: I am not looking forward to this birthday.

MIL: Why is that?
DH: Well, he is turning 9. That means he is halfway to being an adult. He is halfway to being no longer mine. And I know that we only have them on loan, but I am not ready to be halfway done.

It was like an epiphany.
DH and I often talk about having our kids ‘on loan’. And how, if we are doing our jobs as parents right, that raising them…

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