I hate being wrong. 

I mean. I really dislike finding out that something I knew was not true and that I did not know it was not true. 

This is different to knowing something, then learning something else and now knowing a different thing. 

You follow?

I’m also not a follower of trends. You may have realized this when I told you about my make up abilities or my cooking or anything else. I hate following trends purely for fashion or trends sake. 

I  think what I am is a moderate. 

I’m happy being one of the 60-80%. Average. In the middle.  Not necessarily an outlier. I know that my uniqueness is a combination of things, not a single item or entity. 

And I live moderately. I have no desire to be best, or first or only. I don’t have enough personal resources or reserves and in too busy doing other stuff. 

In fact, the idea of doing or believing in something purely to be the first, the only or special defeats my first statement. Of being wrong. 
Now, take my profession. Healthcare. 

Healthcare is the same as me. Maybe with better make up skills, I don’t know. Healthcare needs to do the best it can for the majority of people. Limited resources, seemingly unlimited need. 

So it waits for evidence. Because the consequences of being wrong are catastrophic, not merely an bad haircut. 

So, yes. You may have stumbled across an article, poorly reported on in social media that uses basic science badly and extrapolates it to complex science without a care in the world. The 2% of positive results in a strictly controlled agar plate, laboratory environment might just be a breakthrough.  Or it might be scientifically interesting but clinically unsusable due to cost, effectiveness or ethics. 

And when you gleefully read a positive test result, remember to wonder about the negative results. The experiments whose results were ‘not that much.’

The fact that it hasn’t been coined as ‘ medicine’ yet is because it isn’t. Not because there is a conspiracy. 

And on a personal note, I LOVE discussing ideas and concepts and theories. But I do not have time to entertain conspiracy theories, bunkum, or ideas with people who believe that anecdotes are evidence and say the words Big Pharma with no sarcasm. 

I believe that science does not know everything. I also know that it doesn’t claim to know everything. 

Please, be open to discussing things with me, especially new discoveries and ideas. But expect me to ask for more than a Facebook anecdote or anything from Daid Avocado Wolfe or Vani Hari.  

And if I say or post something, I expect you to ask me for my sources of information or research it yourself.