This long weekend I am away with my family so that one junior member of the family can play sport. If you are reading this when I publish on Monday morning, we are either in Kiama having a coffee or in Wollongong watching basketball.

It is his first away game, representing. He was a late call up to the team and has been excited since and so have we.

This weekend for us is all about the kids – not just ours, but the group of children that make up my sons basketball mates.
Certainly I would like to write a post about the way adults can be assholes when it comes to kids sports, and celebrate the group of super people and parents that are the nucleus of the sporting association we are a part of.

That post will come. I have others in the making, including one about vertigo, one about best intentions, one about forgiveness and one about failing at having sick days. Maybe they will get published, and maybe they won’t.

Today though – do something with your kids, or your partner, or your dog.

Enjoy a coffee, wear your favourite shoes, read a book, whatever.

I will see you back here next week.