“Mummy, I spent all lunchtime today on the Friendship Chair. I couldn’t find my friend, so I sat by myself on the friendship chair all lunch time.”

(The Friendship Chair is a place you go and sit if you have nobody to play with and other kids are meant to approach you to play.)

Hear that? It is the sound of my little mummy heart cracking and bleeding.

The situation was made worse by the fact that Master 10 had said to Master 7 once ” If I see you on the Friendship Chair, I will come and play with you.”

Today Master 10 ran past, but didn’t see him, which made Master 7 even sadder.

Not my son, obviously, but how I imagine it

Now Master 7, by all accounts, is a popular kid. He has plenty of mates and his friendship group is reasonably intact since we moved to the ACT, even through his mates being put in different classes.

I think this episode is a singular one, and certainly not cause for alarm. In fact it will be a good experience for him in the “some hard lessons are best experienced early” kind of way. But, once again the fact that my precious boy was sad and lonely at lunch breaks my heart.

How hard is it when you have to stand by and watch your wee ones learn these lessons, learn to fail and be frustrated and be sad, so that they know how to handle it in the future?