Hi there Dear Reader.

I have been looking at my drafts and I have nothing that I want to publish.

Nothing at all.

I have plenty written – from stuff on germs, stuffing up, politics and schmaltzy shit.

I am not in the mood to publish any of  them.

I have stuff I want to tell you, but it either won’t allow itself to be written properly or I cant tell you yet, because this is a public forum and I try really hard to not publish anything I would not tell a stranger in the street or put on a billboard. I censor my Facebook status updates similarly as well.

So. What do you want from me?

What do I write about that you enjoy?

What subject would you like me to pontificate on?

What members of the family would you like to hear about?

What do you want from me?


In coming weeks I expect to tell you about a change I am making professionally. I also have a family member having some pretty big surgery. Also the boys go back to school and I am sure there will be something to chat about there.

But, Dear Reader – what do you want???