Brave Girl got up. Time to get dressed and ready for a new day.

She looked out her window and saw that while she was busy for so long, that the seasons had changed without her noticing. She had been away with all the battles to be fought, then such a long trip back home and subsequently healing and resting, but surely it hadn’t been that long?

She pondered this whilst dressing  and acknowledged that she was glad of the opportunity presented by change. With the seasons change she could change also. But what to do?

This was all she knew, and surely she was good, even excellent at it, so how would that even translate into something else? But looking out the window, she saw that change was upon her whether she was ready or not.

Full of doubts and fears she tried to decide what the best course of action was. She finished dressing and went downstairs to put the kettle on.
Drinking a cup of coffee, she pondered, and worried and examined her doubts.

In the end, whilst she had plenty of choices, one thing she could not control is change. Brave Girl got up and decided. Since change is inevitable, she may as well embrace it. Even if it terrified her.

So, having decided to be scared and embrace change anyway, she ventured to the front door. Having opened it, her doubts returned at full volume, but Brave Girl was having none of it.

Picking up her sword, tying back her hair, Brave Girl took one step, then another out the door. Pulling the door shut behind her, but ensuring it did not lock her out, Brave Girl lifted her chin, squared her shoulders and stepped bravely into the storm of change that was coming over the hills.

” I might be scared, but I am doing it anyway.’ said Brave Girl