So Master 10 found himself in an emergency situation recently – no life was threatened but limbs certainly were. He wasn’t with us, his parents at the time, and he was one of the older kids in the situation.

It was a situation that certainly would have tried many of you reading this, indeed, many people full stop.

But to all accounts he just….handled it.

He called the Emergency Services, relayed the information, made the situation safe, helped the person involved, rendering first aid care until the ambulance arrived.
And afterwards – no big deal. We talked about it all, from different angles and he is cool. No problemo.

His little brother thinks he is a superhero – ” I would have been so scared of all the blood!” But Master 10 just shrugged it off.
Of course, we are proud. Super proud. And no, I didn’t specifically teach him all this stuff.

But mostly I am relieved – he knows what to do. He can make good decisions in unique situations. Thank God!!

Makes me think though-  I have long believed that young kids can learn what to do in emergency situations…….and more so now.

Hmmmm – watch this space!