Blogging gets hard sometimes. 

For example, when you temporarily run out of blogging oomph. When the urge to write is drowned out and smothered by…whatever. Call it writers block or whatever, when you go to blog and the cupboard is bare or you can’t be bothered to to even go to the cupboard. That is hard. 

Another example is when you have heaps and heaps of ideas demanding their time in the sun but they may not be fully formed or quite ready. There’s competing ideas in your  head and it’s hard to grab on to one idea and hold it long enough to examine it, know it and write about it in 200-1000 words.  

Have you ever been to a Butterfly Sanctuary with the butterflies fluttering and alighting and fluttering? That is the inside of my head when I have heaps of things I can write about but can’t quite decide where to start. 
Another common example is when there are perfectly writable things happening around you and to you but you can’t put it on any form of social media or publishable forum. That may be for many reasons such as: 

1. They possibly relate to your workplace in an identifiable way. Even those of you who may live under  rocks will know that passing comment or publishing things about your workplace, even in the vaguest of vague terms, can be career suicide. 

2. To protect the innocent and the guilty. One does not need a degree in forensics to trace events back to a person or peoples. And my opinion on something may well be valid, but airing it in a public domain may lose me a friend, cost me some serious angst or, because of the specific vagueness of how I write, may have someone feel targeted when they are not. 

3. When it’s the kids. Sooner or later they will grow up ( way too soon as far as I’m concerned) and I’m not sure how grateful they will be if I’ve  left them a huge digital footprint and identity.  

Recently my difficulties have been for the second and third reasons. My cupboard is not bare at all. My head is FULL of ideas but for one of many reasons, they are hard to pin down or write about. 
So, while I try to sort the innocent from the guilty, pin down a thought butterfly and make sure I don’t breach a profession/social media policy – I’ll leave you with this: 
Integrity is doing the right thing, even when it’s hard and especially when no one is watching.