I did a thing.

There have  been a few posts over the last 12 months where I have intimated that I was doing a Thing.

A project or a ‘something’.

Well, I started a business.

It is a very small business but I am hoping to achieve very big things with it.

We (my partner and I) go to peoples homes, teaching CPR, Choking and first aid, mainly around caring for children, but its totally individualized. .

For instance, if you have a topic you desperately want us to cover, we will do up a program to suit you and deliver it.

If you have a special need, or have a child with special needs, we will alter and adjust our teaching to suit you.

We are called the Vital Training Group – currently on Facebook, but with a website to follow.

Think of us like a party plan sales team, except we come to your house and instead of us selling you some plastic containers or make-up, we teach you the knowledge that may save a life or a limb or just relieve a fever overnight.


I am very excited and I have lots of plans around this, including developing it into a Registered Training Organisation and  developing courses for kids to attend and learn at.

Because my team and I are highly qualified emergency health personnel – think Emergency nurses, paramedics etc – we only teach you the stuff you really need to know, not what is in a pamphlet.


Anyway, I have had some screamingly loud doubts, some passionately deep beliefs and like a recent post stated- just an overwhelming need to roll the dice and see how they fall.


Wish me luck…..