The end of the year is always a time of reflection, relief, reviewing and hopefully some rest as well.

I have, like many people, had a long and rugged year. Not a particularly tough one, bu it has had its moments.

From my dads cardiac surgery, to job interviews to the boys having their own triumphs and tribulations. DH completed his uni degree and I took on new roles in my organisation, totally different to anything I have every done before.

This year I have learnt new things, lost friends, gained myself, grown, let go, started things, ended things. But in all things I have chosen to be true, sincere, present and authentic.

Next year will be huge. Next years always are huge.
My eldest goes into Year 5! My youngest goes into Year 3! We intend on building a shed. The business has been launched. We are planning on a family holiday.

And I just submitted an application for uni….again….

Whatever happens, I know each event, choice and moment will be enough. I know that each decision I make will be done for the right reasons not the easy ones. I know that I will keep people by my side and lose people along the way. And I know that although I am ‘too much’ for some people, I will be ‘just right’ for the people that matter.

I am unlikely to write again before the end of 2016.

Be safe, be happy in your skin, and be you.

Much love to you, my reader.