For friends and family – Master 7 is FINE. I am blogging about this because the worry of the last 3-4 weeks  is over. He does not have any brain pathology or findings. I am happy to answer any questions in private messaging.

But Master 7 will love telling you about his eye test and MRI if you ask.

The doctor who gave us the results of the MRI was wonderful. It had been a tumultuous few weeks and this was the defining moment – the results would dictate what the next step would be. Master 7 had been re examined, and his investigations had been reviewed. We were moving on to the working diagnosis, and discussing what would happen next.

Master 7 had been a trooper for this whole time, being prodded and poked by many doctors, having eye tests, being late to school, leaving early and with having an MRI his biggest hurdle so far.

I was worried about the MRI – not the cost, but how he would feel, being locked in, with the noise and such and needing to be still for the best pictures.
“Can you lay still and quiet for 20 minutes? Let’s practice.”

“Why mum?”

“Well we need a picture of your head, lots and lots of pictures, to see if we can find your dizziness, headaches and eyesight problem.”

So he practiced at home and watched some videos of MRIs.

He did great, with the noise and the stillness and having his shoes off. He was most proud of the films, telling everyone that they are great pictures because he laid so very still. In fact, we were at the doctors and the doctor and I were finishing up the chat of what to do next when Master & starts fidgeting next to me.
“What’s up?”

“The doctor has not looked at my head pictures yet. I brought them for him.”

I look at the doctor, who solemnly asks Master James for the films. He pulls them out, looking up at them, making serious noises like “Mmmmm” and “I see that looks excellent” and “Oh, very nice angle”.

Master 7 beams with pride – “I laid so very still, so they would not be blurry.”
“Well they are simply the best quality head pictures I have ever seen – I can tell how hard you worked for these – well done and thank you.”

And that is when my heart broke. This boy, with his unique innocence and old soul quality was most worried about if the pictures would be good enough.

I was worried about brain tumors, Multiple Sclerosis and multiple other terrifying things to think about when you tuck your son in at night and kiss him for sweet dreams. I couldn’t help but picture the worst, and DH and I were in the middle of a dark and stormy night, wondering what might be found on the MRI, and what did that mean…..

Master 7 was worried that he had not laid still enough for his brain photos.
Moving forward, it looks like Master 7 may have a type of migraine. At least, that is what we are working on…..but first we have to have blood tests and Master 7 would like to practice this one as well – this time to make sure the Magic Numbing Cream really works!