I’ve often referred to my friend group as my garden. A garden of friends, diverse individuals that each bring something to the garden. 

There are many types in my garden. I have shade trees that stand alone but being solidity and respite. 

I have groundcover that is everywhere and hard to kill off. I have my ornamentals that are hard work to maintain. 

I have my cactus friends – needing very little input at all but giving me great rewards when I need it. 

There are a few weeds and a few Venus fly traps too but on the whole, my garden is a wondrous and diverse place. 

Some of my greatest flowers are mostly via text. I can send out a random, not politically correct text and get back EXACTLY what I need. When I need it. In full loving honesty. 

These friends are the ones who can read tone in the text and seemingly know exactly what I mean when I say ‘fuck’. 

They have a great emoji and gif game, and bring it at all times. 

I’m appreciating them greatly at the moment as the weight of finishing one job, starting a new one, doing online Uni, and life with kids etc hits full swing. 

I have no idea how or why people like me. Truly. But I must offer something valuable to people and I’m grateful for as long as these people stay or pass through my life. 

My tribe has mums, dads and non breeders within it and to be a member my tribe you need a sense of hunour, a sense of honour and a sense of self. 

And they provide feedback for my sense of self and reward my sense of humour.