My husband said something recently that resonated so strongly with me that it clarified and solidified ideas within me like a tectonic plate sliding into place. It was a visceral response.

The discussion was around the kids sports but it actually doesn’t matter what was being discussed.

What matters is that DH summed up our entire parental philosophy in one sentence.

“If it matters to our son, it matters to me.”

Sounds simple. Sounds obvious. But it has resonated so strongly with me, it has become emblazoned in my brain.

It’s so simple.

If it’s important to my son – then it’s important to me. Everything else we do parenting wise merely runs off this simple premise.

All our parental actions, advocacy, intervention, choices and interactions run off this very elemental philosophy.

And we can apply it in other relationships as well. But I will always apply it fully and wholeheartedly to my parenting role.