So it’s been six months since I started the new gig and it’s largely a success.

All the expected challenges have been realized and the unexpected challenges are within my reach of ability.

I’ve had to swim all by myself a bit more than I thought, but I have the tendency to be able to dog paddle well and keep my head above water. And I have some marvelous support with my family.

One thing I didn’t expect though is the loneliness.

I’m one of the noisy introverts who loves their own company, but when fully charged can be egregious, but needing solitude to recharge. My low maintenance needs, high busyness and difficulty with some situations makes it hard to make friends – I have lots of acquaintances but a small number of friends.

It’s always been that way.

But I’ve spent the last 5 years in a team of colleagues. And prior to that a huge team of colleagues. Lots of social interaction (sometimes more than I needed!) and room to moan, celebrate and tell poor jokes.

As a manager of a team though, I don’t get that any more. And where that gap would normally be filled by external social networks, I don’t have that either.

Some of that is because I am studying, and being a mama and working, so my level of low maintenance becomes wafer thin.

In many ways, I’m still the new kid in town and haven’t broken through established networks to join in. And the ones I know and like are often as busy as me if not more so.

None of this is a whinge, just a reflection of the social support I obviously receive previously.

So, when study finishes for the year, I’ll work my arse off to reconnect with people and see if that helps.

Or build a blanket fort instead.