My knees hurt.

Not a great sentence to start a blog post with but, there you you go.

I know I have very limited time left with function and manageable pain with these aching joints (which will need surgery due to a congenital condition regardless) and yet I’m playing great basketball and going strong at the gym. It’s all good unless I need to squat, kneel, or do stairs…

What I was mourning about this was that each game of basketball I play could well be my last – the shot clock is on and I can hear the clock ticking.

It’s not the pain and stilted gait that I will live with that saddens me.

I’ll miss the game, you see. I love the sport of basketball. I don’t know why, I’m not at all talented at playing it. I am not big enough or fast enough to be particularly good at playing the game but I love it. It’s the perfect example of something brining you great joy without the need to be brilliant at it. I take great comfort in that knowledge.

I have realized that I get such joy watching the game that I’m hoping that when I retire my basketball shoes, it will be enough. And I’m finding great joy (and heartache!) in coaching youth basketball.

All the aspects of the game that I love is there, with very little pain in my knees to pay for it.

The struggle, the hustle, the heart and the joy is all there.

I just hope I get a few more games in before I officially retire. And that I get to choose when it’s my last game – and not an injury!